PlanET customer satisfaction warranty

Avec PlanET la satisfaction client est garantie

Oui, nous pouvons !

Our quality promise: Better performance, higher gas yield and increased return. Many biogas technology providers promise this? And what happens, if the aspired efficiency increase does not occur? Many plant operators are left alone with the search for the causes. As we believe in our products’ performance, we offer a unique Satisfaction Warranty for the PlanET Gorator and PlanET DesiUs.

That is really new: We guarantee that you can return the PlanET Gorator or PlanET DesiUs, if you are not satisfied with it. No matter if you choose a mechanical crushing system or a substrate treatment with ultrasound: PlanET products are extensively tested. Our development network consisting of operators, Universities and in-house biological service ensures the control of every parameter before the product is introduced into the market.

Stamp PlanET satisfaction warranty

When it comes to repowering, we are always interested in the following questions:  How much substrate can the operator effectively save by using our products? What percentage increase in gas yield can be achieved by integrating the PlanET product into the digestion line? What can the PlanET product contribute to increasing the fermentation path’s yield rate on the whole? With the PlanET Satisfaction Warranty you are invited to test the integration of our products into your plant, as we know you will be satisfied.